MedFX Approved Advanced Sunekos Training

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Please Note: COVID-19 - Update

Visjeune Aesthetic Medical Training takes the health and safety of it's students, staff and models extremely seriously. This is an overview of our current expectation of how the course will run. We re-evalute all classes following any changes to UK Government regulations and advice. Prior to attending your training you will receive a full updated overview of the course structure to reflect any recent relevant changes made by the UK Government. We have contingency plans in place, however we do feel that this is the most appropriate structure going forward and this particular course plan does account for a number of expected changes that have not yet been put in place by the UK Government. All trainees will be expected to bring their own PPE, including a mask, face shield and gloves. For more information or to book, please email us.


Theory Classes

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown we currently have no available dates.

Please check back in February.

Practical Classes

The following dates are those with places still remaining. If you would like to be updated on cancellations for our currently fully booked classes, please send us an email.

Due to the COVID-19 Lockdown we currently have no available dates.

Please check back in February.

Advanced Sunekos 200 and Sunekos 1200 training approved by MedFX and Sunekos Manufacturers.

Course Structure

The Advanced training class goes into a more advanced tuition of Sunekos 200, an advanced introduction to Sunekos 1200 and using a cannula and advice for how to market to your specific audience and client base. The class will consist of an up to 2 hour presentation for the theory. Due to the current Global Pandemic all theory classes are currently being held in a Zoom meeting until further notice.

On the Advanced practical training day, the class will start with a one hour demonstration by your trainer, focusing on injecting Sunekos 200 and 1200 into more complicated areas of the face including peri-oral and peri-orbital among others and appropriate areas of the body including hands, neck and décolleté. The class will then proceed with treating their models under the guidance of their trainer. The class will have the opportunity to watch and learn from each other, with social distancing measures in place. The practical class will take approximately 3 hours.

Course Requirements

This class is for medical professionals who have received training in Sunekos 200, or have completed Visjeune Aesthetic Medical Training's Initial Sunekos Training Course, but basic training in Anti-wrinkle injectables and Dermal Fillers

Open to:

Medical Doctors

Nurses (all NMC Registrants)


Prices and Payment

We offer the option to book into a group training session, or to book as in individual for one-to-one training. Prices per person are as follows:

Group: £325 +VAT (£390)

Individual: £425 +VAT (£510)

Payment can be sent via a bank transfer. For other payment options, or to discuss payment plans, please send an email.

Please note: models will be provided. If you would like to bring your own, please note that there is a chance that due to social distancing and having to keep our group under 6 people, you may not be the only person treating them.

All models will be charged a fee of £75 to account for the cost of the product, the disposables and the PPE. This fee will be paid by the models on the day.

This link will take you to a pre-addressed blank email. Due to COVID-19 we have temporarily suspended our online booking system in order to have complete control over the number of people in our classes (including students, trainers and models). Please specify that you are booking the Initial Course and the date or dates you are interested in.

About Us

Visjeune Aesthetic Medical Training is a Bournemouth based Non-Surgical Aesthetic Training School, specialising in Sunekos products. Our fully qualified and well educated trainer has been approved by MedFX and Sunekos Manufacturers, and all theory material has been provided by MedFx and Sunekos themselves.

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Discounts and Block-booking

We offer a discount for trainees wishing to book into more than one class. A 5% discount on the total price (before VAT) is offered to those who book 2 classes. A 10% discount on the total price (before VAT) is offered to any individual who books all 3 classes. Please specify when making contact if you wish to book more than one class.

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Refunds or partial refunds will not be offered post training if something specified in the Course Structure has been changed. Once you receive your Finalised Course Structure prior to you training date, please thoroughly read it to ensure you are still happy to proceed with your training. Cancellations can be refunded up to 48 hours prior to the training start time.

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