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Blood Testing at Clinic Visjeune

Did you know around 41% of us delayed or avoided medical care last year? Yet this year it’s been really hard for many of us to even get a face-to-face meeting with our doctor.

With all the upheaval that the pandemic has caused to our normal healthcare routines, such as missing regular GP check-ups, there’s little doubt that illnesses from Type 2 diabetes to potential strokes and heart attacks are going undiagnosed daily.

Yet a simple blood test, available at Clinic Visjeune - in association with London Medical Laboratory, can identify potential issues before they become a problem, or simply reassure you that all is well.

Sometimes the first symptoms of potential illnesses come on so gradually that you hardly notice them. It’s worth taking a minute to ask yourself how you are.

  • Are you feeling unusually tired?
  • Constantly thirsty?
  • Suffering from shortage of breath?
  • Gaining weight fast?
  • Over sensitive to cold?
  • Having muscle aches?
  • Is your partner complaining you are snoring fit to wake the dead?

If you answer yes to one or more of those symptoms, it’s perhaps time to think about taking a Well Man or Well Woman Premier Plus blood test.

Our tests can warn you of a wide range of potential illnesses or problems. They will help flag up if you are at increased risk of Type 2 diabetes, having a stroke or a heart attack, or perhaps have an underactive thyroid.

In fact, our state-of-the-art Wellness tests measure around 40 individual readings, ranging from vitamins, iron and calcium to full blood count, thyroid stimulating hormones, liver and kidney functions, cholesterol levels, oestradiol and testosterone.

From these results, patients can learn whether they are at risk of a variety of health issues from diabetes to potential blood cancers. Or, most commonly, they can reassure you that you are in the pink of health. They are a snapshot of your general wellbeing.

London Medical Laboratories’ new generation blood tests, available at Clinic Visjeune, are highly accurate, quick and simple to carry out. They have already saved many lives, identifying problems people never suspected they had.

Taking our wellness blood test is a simple process, which takes just five minutes.

Why not build our blood tests into your health and lifestyle routine?

Checks available at Clinic Visjeune

Cholestrol TestAnaemia ProfileThyroid Function - Diagnosis and MonitoringPremier Health Profile
General Health ProfileIron Status ProfileVitamin ProfileFull Thyroid Profile
Prostate ProfileHeart Health ProfileFertility Hormones ProfileMale Hormones Profile
Erectile Dysfunction ProfileWell Person ProfileTiredness/Fatigue ProfileSports Fitness Profile
Sports Hormone ProfileWell Man Comprehensive ProfileWell Woman Comprehensive ProfileMale Sexual Health - Advanced Screen
Pregnancy Test - Beta HCG (Quantitative)Female Sexual Health - Advanced ScreenDiabetes - Diagnosis and MonitoringTestosterone Check
Blood Group TestProgesterone - Day 21 OvulationAllergy Complete - 295 allergens testedVitamin D
Testosterone PlusMenopause Hormones ProfileVitamin B12COVID-19 Vaccine and Immune Response - "Quantitative" Antibody Blood Test


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